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Focus Groups

Budget & Finance

Every organization needs a budget, and people to help make sure the organization is fiscally sound.  Why not help us with that?

Membership Services

This focus group will help bring in new members and focus on ways to help our members in every way possible.

Educational Programs.png
Educational Programs

The Mineral Chamber will work with education in many ways, including sponsoring member training in many areas, and reaching out and partnering with area schools to help bring out the best in our kids.  We are looking for people with great ideas to help in this vital area.

Initiatives & Events

The Mineral Chamber will help ensure there will be a lot going on in Mineral County, from get-togethers and mixers, to full-blown events, it all starts here.  And if that's not enough, this group gets serious too, and continuously plans how to help better our county.  If this sounds like your cup of tea, come help out and have a blast! 

Corporate & Governmental Relations

This group works behind the scenes to stay in touch with our elected representatives, state and local officials, corporate donors, foundations, and volunteers to find ways to make great stuff happen.  We could use your expertise too - come get involved.

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